Manhattan Beach Tree Section

Manhattan Beach / Tree Section (Area 143)

Location: West of Sepulveda, North of Manhattan Beach Boulevard.

Lot Size: Most lots are 40’ wide, and the length varies: 108’, 112’, 116’, 120’, 126’ and 135’. Well located lots sell for 1.2 Million plus. Marginal locations are 900K plus. Martyr’s lots are 1.7 Million plus.

Height Limit: 26’, two stories, possible basement.

Well located new homes: 2.0M to 2.5M. Size are 3,100’ to 3,600’, watch for basements.

Other Located New Homes: 1.8 to 2.0 Million

Town homes: There are None in this area.

The Manhattan Beach Tree Section is where many families like to live because lots are bigger with a yard and it is still close to the beach.  The Tree Section is also very green with many trees hence the nick name.


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