Manhattan Beach Sand Section

Manhattan Beach / Sand Section (Area 142)

Location: Starts at Homer Street on the South and 45th on the North

Lot Size: Typically 30’ x 90’ in size East-West lots can be 33.3 x 100’; many other lots are half size (30’ x 45’) particularly in El Porto (Historically north of 38)

Height Limit: 30’, three stories, no decks on top story.

Strand Properties: Range in value from 11M to 19 Million, approximately, 45 condos on the Strand. Corner Strand lot now selling for 14 Million+. Most lots are 30’ x 100’ to 30 x 150’

Walk Street 100 & 200 Block:

South End Walk Streets: Flat, no view typically. Highly desired by families, no traffic on the sidewalk street. Yards require encroachment permits to provide low landscaping . Start at 4th and go to 10th.

North End Walk Street: 15th to 20th Street. Ocean views.

Town homes: Range in size from 1900 to 2400 (look for basements now).

Gaslight Section: Between 21st Street and 24th Street; Blanch and Grandview. There are some gaslights on 400 block of Maine and 23rd Street. Typically, 30’ x 90’ lots, two stories, 26’ height limit so the new homes are sm aller than the Sand Section and Tree Section.

Values: Values depend upon location and view.

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