Dig For Kids

Eric has dedicated much of his winnings and time off the beach to his foundation “Dig for Kids” which helps kids in inner cities to excel in school and volleyball. Dig 4 Kids is an after school program committed to provide youth in low-income communities with increased opportunities for academic and athletic achievement.

Project Background

Dig 4 Kids was founded in the spring of 2000 by Professional Beach Volleyball Player and Olympic Gold Medalist, Eric Fonoimoana. The foundation is a 501 C 3 non-profit for public benefit corporation and has a federal charitable tax-exempt status. It was established after Eric noticed the lack of youth education and exercise programs in underserved communities. He felt a strong desire to “equalize” these circumstances in these areas. With the success of the foundations first pilot program conducted in Carson, California and Eric’s success in winning THE GOLD, the dream of Dig 4 Kids has become a reality and the organization has gained both national and international sponsorship and recognition for its efforts. Dig 4 Kids has helped over 2,810 children learn the importance of education and physical fitness.

Project Overview

“Digging Education” is the primary activity of D4K and is an innovative project that combines after-school academic tutoring and mentoring with exercise and volleyball lessons. Students receive assistance with their homework, life-lessons, counseling and then participate in volleyball instruction and training. The program responds to a need for positive after-school activity and takes place from 3pm to 6pm, when many kids are unsupervised and prone to involvement in dangerous or illegal activity.

Learn more about Dig 4 Kids by visiting http://www.digforkids.org/

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