Keep your hands in the boat at all times! We went on a Crocodile Tour in Costa Rica that we will remember for a long time. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The guide got out of the boat to feed the crocodiles chicken.  I was excited and nervous at the same time.  Jimmy, the boat driver, feeds the crocs all the time. Apparently, the crocs will enjoy being fed chicken than trying to eat Jimmy.  The crocs will use less energy therefore saving it for when the food is more scarce. It was an awesome experience to watch, from the boat of course.

Estelle Enjoying Summer!

She has been swimming, boogie boarding, playing tennis and having lots of fun.

Beach City Wins Again!

Tucker’s Club Basketball Team is starting to gel. They won their 3rd Tournament since joining together about 8 months ago.

Manhattan Beach Properties Current Market Overview:

Manhattan Beach has 76 active listings and 54 properties are in Escrow (2 properties are under 1 million and 28 are over 2 million). There were 32 closed sales in July. Last month, on the avg. home buyers negotiated a 1% discount for their homes. The average selling price in Manhattan Beach Properties was $2,593,000.  Manhattan Beach has 2.4 months of available inventory. This is almost an exact snapshot of June.

Hermosa Beach Properties Current Market Overview:

The Hermosa Beach real estate market has 46 Active listings and 24 homes are in Escrow. There were 14 closed sales in July and 3 of them were under 1 million. Hermosa has about 3.3 months of inventory. Most buyers negotiated a 1% discount for their new homes. The average selling price in Hermosa Beach in July has increased from last month to $1,581,000.

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