Beach Properties

Beach Properties are abundant in California but where are the best beaches, cities and communities to live? In my opinion, Manhattan Beach has it all. The average yearly weather is 70 degrees and in the summer the average is a pleasant 75 degrees.  The beaches are clean, the water is blue, the surfing is descent and the sand is soft and white. Santa Monica has good beaches but highway 1 runs alongside the beach coast. Huntington Beach and Long beach have vast beaches but they tend to have dirtier and hard pact sand but the surfing is good in Huntington. Redondo Beach and Torrance have a nice beach but you have to climb down to get to it.  The surf is occasionally good but mostly during the winter months.

Manhattan Beach Properties had a downturn during the recession 2008-2009 like everyone else but Manhattan Beach recovered first compared to the rest of the South Bay.  The real estate market in Manhattan Beach is stable and healthy.

Manhattan Beach has a strong sense of community.  We have great schools that rank high nationally.  We have many sports programs that keep our kids active, busy and healthy.  Many families have donated money to our schools to keep them #1.  There are great community events like the Old Hometown Fair, Farmers Market, Manhattan Beach Open often referred to as the Wimbledon of Beach volleyball, the famous Six Man, and the Christmas lighting tree event with a firework show in December to name a few.