White water rafting with Carl Lewis:
Carl was a very nice man but I found a video of him that makes me laugh even after watching it 5 times.  It got better each time. Enjoy!

We went white water river rafting in Costa Rica and when the group of the other boat arrived I realized I had something in common with him.  I informed Carl that we were both Olympians and Gold Medallists. We shared a few stories and then we headed for the rapids. We had a fun trip down the Savegre River and stopped at a huge waterfall for a few photos and some snacks.

Estelle soaked after White Water Rafting

She is enjoying her summer by going to kids camps and traveling to Costa Rica and New York.

Tuck is ziplining in Costa Rica

Tucker has been playing lots of basketball, tennis, traveling and even some horseback riding. He is enjoying the summer with his friends and family.

South Bay Real Estate News

3 Things You Need To Know:

US Housing Markets Strengthen

Will Eco-Friendly Upgrades Increase the Value of Your Home?

FED Expects Interest Rate Hike

Manhattan Beach Properties Current Market Overview:

Manhattan Beach has 76 active listings and 56 properties are in Escrow (3 properties are under 1 million and 29 are over 2 million). There were 35 closed sales in June. Last month, on the avg. home buyers negotiated a 1% discount for their homes. The average selling price in Manhattan Beach Properties was $2,477,000.  Manhattan Beach has 2.1 months of available inventory.

Hermosa Beach Properties Current Market Overview:

The Hermosa Beach real estate market has 40 Active listings and 24 homes are in Escrow. There were 21 closed sales in June and 8 of them were under 1 million. Hermosa has about 2 months of inventory. Most buyers paid asking price for their new homes. The average selling price in Hermosa Beach in June has decreased from last month to $1,350,000.

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