Tucker’s All Star Team Finished in 3rd place.  The boys played hard and it seemed like they really enjoyed playing together.  Tuck’s HBYB Orange Monster Crushers are 5-1. He’s the point guard and he does a good job getting his teammates involved. His Elite club basketball team had tournament at the end of last month. The team won their first two games as a club and finished 2-1 in the tournament. He practices tennis weekly.
Estelle’s basketball team, Blue Lightning, are 3-1-1.  She has made quite a few baskets and blocked a lot of shots each game. She plays tennis and dances each week. Her reading, spelling and math are improving.

Happy Valentines Day!

South Bay Real Estate News

3 Things You Need To Know:

Is Silicon Valley Moving to LA?

Housing Market Is 75% Back To Normal

Baby Boomers

Hermosa Beach Properties has an avg. of $700+ Price per SQ/FT.


Manhattan Beach has 40 active listings and 44 properties are in Escrow (8 properties are under 1 million and 22 are over 2 million). There were 21 closed sales in January. Last month, home buyers negotiated a 4% discount off the asking price for their properties. The average selling price in Manhattan Beach Properties was $1,839,000.  Manhattan Beach has 2 months of available inventory.

The Hermosa Beach real estate market has 27 Active listings and 23 homes are in Escrow. There were 15 closed sales in January and One of them were under 1 million. Hermosa has about 1.5 months of inventory. Most buyers negotiated a 2% discount for their new home. The average selling price in Hermosa Beach in January has increased from last month to $1,770,000.

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