Tuck’s Argentina team has a 10-1-2 record. The playoffs are starting this weekend and the team is primed to go deep into the playoffs.  Our team has been working on passing and spacing between players.  Everyone on the team has improved their knowledge of the game and their skills.  Tuck continues with his private basketball weekly.  He has very good ball handling skills and his shot is improving.  Tucker plays tennis and swims each week.  He is a good student and a friendly classmate according to his teacher.
Estelle’s AYSO soccer team “The Golden Eagles” are 2-4-2.  The girls are having fun and learning how to play soccer. This weekend is their last game.  Estelle plays tennis and swims weekly.  I’m diligently working with Estelle to improve her math and reading. Lately, she wants to jump rope and ride her scooter.  She will be playing basketball this season.

I’m very proud and thankful for my kids.

Happy Thanksgiving!

South Bay Real Estate News

3 Things You Need To Know:

Young Adults Are Living with Their Parents

The Value of a Remodel

2015 Market Forecast

Hermosa Beach:                                 Days on the Market Overview 90254

  This is a snapshot of the days on market in Hermosa Beach which indicates homes are selling quickly making it a sellers market. The interest rates remain low so it’s still a good time to buy.
Hermosa Beach Days on the Market Avg.

In my last few sales, I’ve encountered some great general contractors, painters, electricians..etc. If you need a reliable trade worker/company, please ask me. I’d be happy to share them with you.

Manhattan Beach has 49 active listings and 64 properties are in Escrow (4 of these properties are under 1 million and 33 are over 2 million). There were 42 closed sales in October. If you are looking to buy a home for under a million dollars in Manhattan Beach, you should start your search in the Manhattan Village. In October, home buyers on the average negotiated a 2% discount off the asking price. The average selling price in Manhattan Beach Properties was $2,204,000.  Manhattan Beach has 1.1 months of available inventory.

The Hermosa Beach real estate market has 33 Active listings and 21 homes are in Escrow. There were 16 closed sales in October and 5 of them were under 1 million. Hermosa has about 2.1 months of inventory. Most buyers paid asking price for their new home. The average selling price in Hermosa Beach in October has increased from last month to $1,315,000. Homes for sale in Hermosa sold in 27 days on the average. Wow, that’s fast!

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